SCITON Laser Hair Removal

Sciton Micro Laser Peel

Enjoy your smoothest skin with laser hair removal


Unwanted hair on the face or body is problematic for men and women alike. In an effort to reduce hair in areas such as the arms, legs, chest, back, or bikini area, people pluck, wax, and shave regularly. The time and money that goes into this type of grooming can be better spent elsewhere, and you can have the smoothest skin of your adult life when you take advantage of advanced laser hair removal technology.


With the advances that have occurred in dermatologic technology, laser hair removal has become safe and effective for all skin types. As more people learn about the ease in which hair can be removed, we see a greater demand for laser hair removal treatments.


With extensive training, we begin care with a thorough consultation and evaluation of need, skin type, and expectations. In addition to listening to your concerns related to unwanted hair, our physician will conduct a medical history and examination to ensure the best results will be achieved with a customized care plan.


To achieve long lasting results, we schedule a series of laser treatment sessions to be completed over several months. Due to the fact that hair growth occurs in a cycle that includes an active and a resting phase, there can be no permanent results until every last bit of actively growing hair has been targeted with laser energy. Providing treatment every month or two, we are able to address actively growing hairs with efficiency.


Laser hair removal treatments are conducted in our comfortable Cleveland area facility. The duration of sessions is dependent on the size of the area we are treating. Smaller areas such as the lip may take as little as fifteen minutes, with larger areas like the back or legs taking up to an hour. During your consultation at Seriously Skin, you can learn all about laser hair removal, including what to expect before, during, and after treatments.


Laser hair removal at Seriously Skin may be performed with one of three devices:


  • Sciton Forever Bare BBL
  • Sciton 1064 YAG for tan and dark skin
  • LumenisLightSheer Duet - the fastest & virtually pain free laser


The time that you put in to looking and feeling your best with professional treatments such as laser hair removal will reward you with more attractive skin and greater confidence. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.